Living without.

The theatres are full, kids in the street. Musical laughter hits the right beat. Piano and guitar are played everywhere. Card games are usual for afternoon flair. Books fill the walls of houses and flats. Sport is played by every child with a bat. Languages learnt, skills mastered fast. Simple enjoyment, life is a blast. […]

Challenge 12 – 19th March 2018 – Luddites.

Here we go again. “Pick a modern appliance and write about what life would be like without it (It never existed or no longer works).” Ermmmm. OKAY. This is a tough one. I remember the time when many things we have now didn’t exist. Mobile phones, computers, printers, streaming devices, kindles or microwaves. My grandmothers […]

Keeping or not.

Seems like many people break their word, politicians, stars, partners, kids, parents, leaders, friends. Does anyone still keep a promise, what constitutes a promise? “I will give schools more money if you vote for me?” Is that a promise, a pledge or just something flippant said to get our attention? What is a promise and […]

Blogging and writing

It’s hard work this. Blogging takes up so much time. Not the writing, the promoting. Anyone wants to share the link on twitter or anything please feel free. I hope those of you following are enjoying the pieces and that some of you enjoy putting a little something on yourself at times. Any bloggers out […]