May 4th b with you.

In a galaxy far, far away, out among many stars, a humaniod known as Lol was hunting an animal from that location known as a Radinium. Radinium’s had big mouths, fat stomachs and lot’s of fur. This Radinium ran away, but Lol is fast and caught up. Lol took out a gun and shot it, […]

Pink shoes

Sarah didn’t think she had seen a child so happy before in all her life. But then again she didn’t get out that much, didn’t see that many children or have any of her own. The little girl could not have been more than six years old. She was jumping and laughing in complete and […]


I brought shoes. I love shoes and handbags. I don’t care if it makes me sad in some peoples eyes. I love the feel of a new pair of shoes or admiring glances when I wear them out. I think I will write about shoes, but not the pair I brought as they were a […]