So my three words are Influence, Expectation and Purity. What are yours? How are you all finding the challenge? Do you find this helps to get juices flowing or do you just not feel the need to do the challenges and just watch what others do? Let me know. Comments are good. Pieces of writing […]

Eternal Child

Hi, Forgive me, for I have not spoken with you for such a long time. I have been preoccupied by things which seemed important to me, the only things deserving attention. And in this bustle I have almost forgotten about you, sorry. Sometimes, I have no time left even to speak. I know it is […]

Pic details

So, the pic is of me, my aunty and two of my cousins. I think the person who took it was my uncle. No idea when it was, but I look about six or seven, so, early 80’s and it was taken in the house of my uncle and aunty. I have to think of […]

A hard one.

Did you all have a hard time with this? Who lost someone? Maybe a beloved pet? Maybe it is too painful to write about? I would love to hear your pieces, but I understand if this blog is not a place to display your pain. If you want to chat, message me. Or find me […]