Hi, and sorry 2

Just saying sorry again. I will be getting this sorted soon. We have a charity interested and I am excited by this. It is harder than just self-publishing this. I would like to find a publisher to help. I will keep looking, I promise.


It has been a hectic few months but I am still planning this blog to become a book. I will fill you all in soon. Thank you for your patience. You all rock

So, what am I doing?

I keep asking myself that. Mostly I am sifting and copy and pasting. It is a boring job but your words are keeping me company. I find myself sometimes lost in them, it’s kinda nice. Loving rereading the early stuff, so much I had forgotten. Honestly though, if you want to add anything, go ahead. […]

Happy new year one and all

I will begin the difficult job soon, of working out which pieces to put in and which to cut, it will probably be mine that I cut. lol I would like to thank you all again for reading and contributing. I hope you continue to read as we have the book to make and a […]


Ok, so that is it. I will start the book in the new year. I will let everyone know what is happening. Thank you all. Readers, writers, lurkers. lol. Thank you and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. X Happy new year.